I am a conscious creator of my life

November 23, 2021

by Michal

That’s impossible, me? There are always so many people around me. At home, work, pub, tennis, gym. Everybody gives advice, orders something, wants something. But what do you want?

How do you find happiness, wealth, success? You need to start with yourself. Usually, nobody gives you anything. You have to want and know what you want. You alone and you alone must find your way. What about the others? Well, this may sound a little selfish, but the others are your helpers.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to employ anyone, but learn how to deal with people, learn how to say no, always act in such a way that you’re always on target.

I’m not talking about abuse, I’m talking about cooperation, help, friendship. Often, those who exploit others to their advantage have, to say the least, nefarious ends.

You feel the difference: collaboration, help, friendship x abuse, exploitation.

Follow your success. Don’t compare yourself to others, because we each have a goal, different from the others, just as everyone sees something else as a success.

Find your purpose, your direction, your purpose, why to do all this and why to live.

Become a conscious creator of your life.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

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