Do what you like!

November 6, 2021

by Michal

It’s like tearing up the sack with all the great advice that urges us to follow the voice of our heart, throw away all the shackles of everyday life, all the must-and-can’t-do, and dive into the true current of living, to be carried by the surging wave and do only what we enjoy.

Do what you like! But how?

The council is not entirely misguided. Doing what we enjoy is great and desirable. And it’s good not just to dream about it. It’s easier said than done. In fact, you’re in a situation right now, the way you live it and have that you can start doing what you love on the spot? If that were the case, you probably would have done it by now, wouldn’t you?

So the question is, how do you get to the point where you can do what you like?

Have dreams

Look at your dreams first. A part of you hasn’t started dreaming yet and doesn’t even know what they might enjoy. The next part is dreaming, but something is stopping you – worrying in different robes and often not festive. And the biggest part of you has already given up on your dreams. You had them, but they were maybe too bold, too different, too complex… they were just too much. Whatever stage you’re at, the most important thing to start with is to realize that it’s not the status quo.

Everything changes. You and your dreams are changing. But that doesn’t mean they’re disappearing. They’re here, they’re still yours, and no one but you can fill them. They’re part of your life, and it’s up to you to make sure they don’t go to the next world with you. You just need to see them again. You need to give them colour and liveliness again. You need to believe this stage is just waiting for you. He’s waiting for you to step into the spotlight and play your part. The main one!

Believing in yourself

That’s it. And the magic that lifts you to your feet and gives you the courage to dream again is faith. Not a religious thing, but a belief in oneself and one’s own dreams. The belief that comes along with feeling like you deserve something like this. That you can afford to pursue your dreams. You believe you are worthy of their fulfilment. That you, too, deserve to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

These old programs of self-criticism and remorse have been with you since childhood, and you can’t get rid of them with simple positive thinking. You need to go deeper. Really start respecting your quirks inside. To feel what brings you joy and when you feel the tide of energy. And trust these feelings that they’re not deceiving you. Believing you can follow them boldly…

Recognition of oneself, one’s needs and feelings, one’s limits and abilities comes with self-love. It strengthens your belief in yourself and life. It reinforces the belief in the truth of your dreams. And if you can rely on yourself, you can also rely on your dreams and then do what you enjoy.


Image by jplenio from Pixabay


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