Motivation tips: How to bounce back

November 5, 2021

by Michal

A bad time in life is certainly not uplifting. But he meets everyone occasionally, and it depends on how we deal with him. The point is, don’t give up and move on.

What to do when things go wrong

I’m sure we all know it. Sometimes there comes a time in life we wish we could skip. We’re just not doing well. It feels like everything we touch we screw up. It’s as if the failure was preordained, and all endeavour misses the point. But it must be realized that it is not possible to still have success. It is so arranged in life primarily to make the days when it is the other way around more respectable. But it’s important that we don’t give up so easily, and always find something positive for every life situation. Do you think you’ve hit rock bottom?

Then it’s not as bad a position as it might first appear.

After all, you can bounce off the bottom pretty well and keep going.

Wait until the sun shines on your journey again

Failure is part of everyone’s life. While it is true that someone visits more and someone less, if we set up a program in our heads called “hope,” then all life’s downsides will be easier to overcome. As an ancient truth goes, even after a big downpour, the sun always comes out. With more or less time, you will find that even those bad situations may have been the best thing that could have happened to you.

For example, we can take this to mean that it is time to look for another open door so that we can continue our journey toward a better tomorrow.

Don’t be overly critical of yourself

Reconciliation is the most important thing in bridging a bad period. If we can blame ourselves for most of the current “misery,” forgiveness is also in order. After all, each of us has the right to make mistakes. Crisis situations can take us much further than a period that is only filled with success. It is also possible that you put too much pressure on yourself and are unnecessarily self-critical. Even a small success is to be commended.

Do you find self-congratulation strange, perhaps even intolerable?

Who else would appreciate us more than ourselves?

We know best how much energy we put into what costs us and how much effort we put into the goal.

Even if the result of our efforts is not to our liking, we must at least appreciate the effort. Do they say you shouldn’t give up anything in your life, but is your choice always the right path? Perhaps you are failing precisely because you chose the wrong target. Take some time to think and don’t push it too hard. Change your mind with the proper detachment, and try to look at things from a future perspective. It is as if we actually achieved the target a year or ten years ago, for example. Was the effort even worth it?

Don’t be alone with your sadness

Even friends or our family can help us bridge bad life periods. Go to a coffee shop, a movie or a theatre with them. By taking your mind off things, you will also see everything through different eyes. You can also take up sports or go to a nearby fitness centre. A relaxing trip to the outdoors helps some. A forest full of majestic-looking trees can calm the mind and create a sense of belonging to nature.
Maybe you just need to take a break from everything and get a second wind.

The present tense sometimes puts too much pressure on us, and anyone who isn’t super successful doesn’t even exist.

Do not listen to these stern voices.

This is your life, after all, and you get to decide what’s important to you.

And if none of this helps, then there are other options, such as a psychologist or some appropriate therapeutic counselling, where they are happy to hear you out and help the collective forces find their footing again. One of the problems that can plague us is loneliness. Even that can be done quite easily. You are not alone in this.

There are a number of people looking for a toughened soul.

All you have to do is find the appropriate action and head out to new experiences.

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