5 Tips for Starting Effective and Sustainable Weight Loss

November 15, 2021

by Michal

You can start to lose weight and change your lifestyle at any time. It depends on how long you can keep it up and whether you can transform important habits into your daily routine. It seems like a complicated process, but the opposite may be true. Look at 5 simple tips to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Focus on your diet

More than 80% of weight loss success depends on eating right. There’s no getting around too much exercise because a balanced and optimal intake of important nutrients is absolutely crucial. Furthermore, with the right reduction diet, you won’t need to exercise too much and will still lose weight. The body mainly needs adequate protein intake during weight loss. This should be set at least 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. At the same time, carbohydrates or healthy fats should not be absent from the diet.

A healthy eating start should not be a jump start, but rather a gradual one. It is slowly replacing individual junk foods with healthy and dietary alternatives. Test what you like and see how each meal makes you feel. For easier and quicker guidance on optimal portion sizes, many people opt for a box-based diet, to begin with, where you already receive prepared meals of a given nutritional value.

Regular motion every day

Greater energy output than income is important for losing weight. This means that it is desirable to have as much exercise as possible while you burn calories. But don’t be fooled, because it is far from just how you exercise for an hour at the gym. What matters most is how active you are every day. For example, you will positively affect your weight loss by walking regularly, exchanging lifts for stairs and the like. Even housework or gardening counts. Conversely, you’ll slow your efforts by sitting on the couch watching TV, constantly driving, even when a few minutes’ walks would do, and so on.

Body Strengthening Exercises

It’s a good start to say that just go to the gym twice a week and if the training is right you’ll definitely see the results. The point is that quality is more important than quality. For each exercise, ensure proper technique and feel of the muscle group. For the first few training sessions, the supervision of an experienced personal trainer is certainly in order. More fun, and a good deal of motivation, comes with group lessons. Alternate motion at will, surprising the body with new impulses. And don’t forget the most important thing – exercise should be fun and not torture.

Love the flavours of healthy foods

The reduced diet serves to rid the body of excess fat reserves, but it also receives all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs. At the same time, it certainly does not mean that you have to eat only chicken on the water with broccoli stew. Healthy foods have many excellent flavours and can surprise. Learn to work with spices, herbs, and combine individual foods. Try more recipes and discover new foods you’ve never eaten before. With the right approach, losing weight will turn into a series of gourmet experiences, so there will certainly be no problem with maintaining a new lifestyle and hence a lower weight number.

Remember to relax

If you’re motivated and want to get close to your goal as quickly as possible, you can tend to load up unnecessarily. Every day you go to practice, you follow your diet to the letter, but instead of feeling good, there are questions about whether you’re really doing enough. It is a big mistake that many people do not realize that enough rest is part of sustainable and healthy weight loss. It is about quality and adequate sleep, as well as the occasional small relief of a favourite, less healthy meal. Remember, you’re not rinsing, you’re running a marathon.

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