10 Tips to Learn a Foreign Language Quickly and Easy

November 9, 2021

By admin


1. Learn the most important words

Did you know that roughly 65% of written material in the English language contains only 300 words? Focus on the most important thing. Don’t learn uselessness; find relevant words. Answer the most important question, and that is what motivates you to teach. Do you want to read the news, do you want to know the pure culture of the country, or do you want to negotiate the best price while travelling?

Initially, sit over 100 of the most used words in the area in both written and spoken foreign languages. Find the kind of learning that most suits you. Whether it’s recording, flashcards or writing words on a pad. And when you’ve learned all 100 keywords, throw in the timing of 100 verbs.

2. Don’t rest on your laurels and expand your vocabulary

Once you’ve mastered the basics, don’t rest on your laurels and keep teaching. Old habits die hard. Spend 5 to 15 minutes a day learning a foreign language and make it a routine similar to brushing your teeth.

Everyone finds 10 minutes a day in different forms. Did teaching the basics suit you? Write new phrases and words on your pad! Interested in the news? Read an article on the tram on the way to school or work! Do you like to read? Borrow a bilingual book, a bilingual book! Don’t you enjoy reading? Listen to a podcast teaching a foreign language, or listen to the spoken word of your favourite author. You’ll wonder where a moment like this takes you.

3. Don’t worry about mistakes

Be confident. Don’t worry too much about mistakes. To err is human, and otherwise, you don’t put errors in your head. According to research last year by the global education company EF Education First, while we Czechs have deteriorated in our command of English, moving from 20th to 23rd out of 100 countries, it is important to take into account a simple fact.
I know.

It’s good to realize that many Americans can only speak one language and admire anyone who tries to learn a foreign language. Most foreigners are patient and appreciate the effort. So make mistakes, talk nonsense, and report even the irrelevant.

4. Search for “foreign” situations

Look for situations that are likely to encounter you abroad. Go to a Czech cafe and order coffee in a foreign language. Ask tourists standing on the street with a map in their hand if they need help and direct them.

Not ready for dialogue? Find the report of the day and try to read it without looking in the dictionary. Watch a movie or series in the original with the original subtitles. The best option is if you know it by heart in Czech and then play it in the original. Listen to music and podcasts in a foreign language.

5. If you don’t understand something, admit it

Are you in a situation where you don’t understand or understand something? There’s no shame in having anything explained. First of all, learn to say a few sentences in a foreign language, or to ask a few questions.

Point to something or describe something and ask how it’s said. If you don’t understand the peer, simply ask what it means. Another option is to ask for an alternative explanation (pantomime or different description).

6. Take language classes, it’s worth it

Some can work effectively in self-study, others need help. Graduating from language courses is worthwhile. There are also free courses, but very often the quality is primarily the paid ones. Make sure you pick the right language course, read the reviews and spare no expense in teaching.

If you don’t like this kind of teaching, find a discussion group. These are less formal and structured, with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Travel

A real situation always teaches you a lot more than theory. It’s great to be able to order coffee, but if a barista abroad catches you off guard with a question, you’ll have to lash out. If you don’t understand it, do as we advised above. Ask him to put it another way. And if you understand the question but don’t know how to answer, try explaining it. Don’t look at mistakes and use your arms and legs. Situations like this, which you only get into abroad, teach you the most.

8. Speak, speak, speak

Find a friend or partner to practice your language with. Or feel free to talk to yourself. Do you find that odd? No way! You will repeat the words and phrases, and if you can’t remember any, look him up right away. Watch and listen to how people talk, for example on the radio or in videos. Feel free to repeat after them.

9. Write, write, write

Keep a diary in a foreign language. Don’t write anything personal in it unless you want to. Writing is very difficult, but it teaches you a lot. Write about daily things like the weather, lunch or coffee with a friend. Just write a few lines. Search for words you can’t recall.

And if you can, give the diary to a native speaker who will correct any mistakes. You will not repeat them afterwards, and you will learn much.

10. Listen, listen, listen

Talking and writing are very important. But perhaps you learn most by listening to videos, podcasts, or conversations between two strangers. Try to understand everything and let it “get infected” with the right accent. You can also watch podcasts and videos over and over. Write down words and phrases you don’t understand.

Dictation is also a great tool. You’ll improve not only your listening but your writing. Ask someone to read you a few paragraphs from a book or a publicly available article. Then do a check by comparison with the original text.

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